Software Engineering Lecture in Hindi Urdu Handouts Notes

Why we need the subject in Hindi Urdu the main reason is mostly content is based on theory and experience base if the the don’t have any experience then it is really difficult for them to understand software engineering in English if they are form Pakistan or India.

The major objective of providing this course in Hindi Urdu

To familiarize students to the fundamental standards, strategies, approaches, techniques and tools of software program engineering,
To help college students to expand primary talents in order to permit them to construct software program of high fine – software program this is reliable, and that is fairly smooth to recognize, modify and keep
To foster an know-how of why those capabilities are important

In this course we will cover

  1. Introduction to the Course and Software Engineering in Hindi Urdu
  2. Lay out of the path and usual advent of the field of software engineering and what we will cover within the course.
  3. Preferred advent of processes and software engineer procedures in Hindi Urdu . Dialogue of various manner models and their practical implications. These system models consist of waterfall version, evolutionary models and incremental models.
  4. Software program procedure models could be completed inside the first lecture of this week. Analysis phase of software engineering in Hindi Urdu  may be delivered.
  5. Analysis modeling processes in Hindi Urdu  (item orientated analysis; flow oriented analysis).Topics will consist of requirement amassing the use of use case diagrams, interest diagrams, swim lane diagrams.
  6. Information glide diagrams, manipulate drift diagrams, processing narratives
  7. State diagrams, sequence diagrams in Hindi Urdu
  8. A way to create initial area model and the way to expand conceptual class diagram. Usefulness of area model.
  9. Trendy creation of object oriented design techniques and methods
  10. Discussion of need of explicitly defining software program structure and its advantages. What are important determinant of choice of positive structure or structure style. Fee and gain evaluation of nicely realize architectural fashion
  11. What are coding requirements how important they’re? Discussion of software configuration management manner
  12. What is software trying out method, what strategies, gear and techniques are use to verify and validate the software. How software trying out procedure is shipped over whole life cycle of software program improvement.
  13. What take place among software program is deployed until the time it’s far retired. How software evolution happens and how it’s far controlled.
  14. What is software program great, how are we able to ensure that software program we develop is of appropriate best. Software program exceptional assurances imperatives.
  15. Enterprise of software program is fast become a first-rate gnp manufacturer. Many rules and regulation are there to guide software program industry. How business and regulation software engineering practices. (special analyzing)

Software Engineering Why Important

Software engineering is very important topic which is being taught in different institute of the world.Here are some major topics which are very important for each software engineering course .

  • Criteria for selection of process Models
  • Software process models
  • Project management
  • Requirement engineering process
  • Distributed System Architecture
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Software Reuse
  • Verification and Validation
  • Software Testing
  • Software Quality Assurance

Course Aims

Main aim behind this course   is to develop the following capabilities in the students:

i. To define software engineering and explain its importance in Hindi Urdu

ii. To discuss the concepts of software products and software processes

iii. To explain the importance of process visibility

iv. To introduce the notion of professional responsibility

v. To introduce Software Testing Methods and Techniques

I hope after reading this course you will be able to create your own software Engineering Documentation.