Business System Development in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes

Meaning of Business System:

The system helps the business organizations to achieve their goals.

A business system is a combination of policies, personnel, equipment and computer facilities to co-ordinate the activities of a business organization.


It establishes the rules and procedures of that organization, which are to be governed.

Business system decides how data must be handled and is methodically processed. It also controls the procedures of the processed data and the results to be displayed.

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For e.g., a system may automatically order parts for an inventory, monitor future corporate profits or post credit card sales to the on line customer accounts. The overall nature of the business system will reflect the efficiency of its designers.

Objectives of Business System:

The objectives of business system are:

  1. To meet the user and customer needs.


  1. To cut down the operating costs and increase savings.
  2. To smooth the flow data through various levels of the organisation.
  3. To speed up the execution of results with the reliable data available in a system.
  4. To handle data efficiently and provide timely information to the management.


  1. To establish the most desirable distribution of data, services and equipment’s throughout the organisation.
  2. To define a proper method of handling business activities.
  3. To eliminate duplicated, conflicting and unnecessary services.

Types of Business Systems:

There are five major types of business systems (Fig. 13.6).


  1. Payroll business system
  2. Personnel business system
  3. Accounts receivable system



  1. Accounts payable system
  2. Inventory system.



The Business Systems Development training courses are designed to provide essential knowledge and skills required to handle business analysis, software development, system architecture and design. The training program is designed for anyone who is involved in creating and checking software for the business environment and particularly beneficial for professionals like Applications compliance tester, Business process analysts, Application engineer and Systems analyst.

Business System Development in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes

Business System Development in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes

Information System Lecture

The course introduces delegates to various vital tools used for developing, designing and maintaining quality management systems and business processes. The course enables the delegates to assess the performance of current business systems and identify the potential improvements. The course provides an overview of various programming languages, web development and design and database analysis and design. The delegates will also learn how to fulfil complex IT requirements and improve computer systems within a corporate environmen

Want to learn the fundamental skills to be a great BA?  Our Business Systems Analysis course will provide you with a structured approach to business analysis and will give you the tools and techniques required to make a real difference to your organisation.  You will gain an understanding of the integral parts of a business system, how to perform analysis activity and how to engage stakeholders.

Virtual Comsats Lectures

This comprehensive course is full of valuable material for a BA including in-depth requirements and business systems concepts, product scoping, requirements elicitation, modelling techniques such as data modelling, process modelling, use cases, business rules modelling, and requirements validation and impact analysis.

Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the problem or opportunity at hand and ensuring that the resulting solution provides benefit to the organisation by meeting defined goals and objectives.

Business System Development in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes