Digital Image Processing in Hindi Urdu Handouts Notes

What are terms in Digital Image processing in Hindi Urdu

So, if you just look at this name – digital image processing in Hindi Urdu; you find that there are 3 terms. First one is processing, then image, then digital. So, a digital image processing means processing of images which are digital in nature by a digital computer. Before we come to the come to the other details, let us see that why do we need to process the images.

Digital Image Processing in Hindi Urdu

So, you find that digital image processing techniques is motivated by 2 major applications. The first application is improvement of pictorial information for human perception. So, this means that whatever image you get, we want to enhance the quality of the image so that the image will have a better look and it will be much better when you look at the image. The second important application of the digital image processing techniques is for autonomous machine applications. This has various applications in industries, particularly for quality control in assembly automation and many such applications. We will look at them one after another. And of course, they use a third application which is efficient storage and transmission. Say for example, if we want to store an image on a computer, then this image will need certain amount of disk space. Now, we will look at whether it is possible to process the image using certain image properties so that the disk space required for storing the image will be less. Not only that, we can also have applications where we want to, we want to transmit the image or the video signal over a transmission media and in that case, if the bandwidth of the transmission medium is very low, we will see that how to process the image or the video so that the image or the video can be transmitted over low bandwidth communication channels. So, let us first look at the first major application which is meant for human perception.

Methods Applied in Digital Image Processing In |Hindi Urdu

Now, these methods mainly employ the different image processing techniques to enhance the pictorial information for human interpretation and analysis. Typical applications of these kinds of techniques are noise filtering. In some cases, the images that you get may be very noisy. So, we have to filter the images filter those images so that the noise present in that image can be removed and the image appears much better. In some other kind of applications, we may have to enhance certain characteristics of the image. So, the different kind of applications under this category: one is the contrast enhancement. So, sometimes the image may be very poor contrast and we have to enhance the contrast of that image so that it is better visually. In some other cases, the image may be blurred. This blurring may occur because of various reasons. May be, the camera setting is not proper or the lens is not focused properly. So, that leads to one kind of blurring. The other kind of blurring can be if we take a picture from a moving platform; say for example, from a moving car or from a moving train. In that case also you might have absorbed that the image that you get is not a clear image. But it is a blurred image.