Global Marketing in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes

Course Description:

This course examines the opportunities and challenges associated with marketing across borders. The impact on marketing of the cultural, economic, political, and technological environments in different countries will be assessed. The relationship between global marketing and global business strategy will be discussed. Ways of analyzing customers and competitors globally will be addressed. Strategies and tactics for developing each of the four “P’s” internationally and globally will be examined, including developing

1) product, service, and branding policies

2) advertising, promotion, and communications plans

3) channels of distributions

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Global Marketing in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes

4) pricing policies in the global context. Approaches for deciding the extent to which marketing should be globalized versus localized will be explored. This course will examine key considerations in marketing both globally and in each of the major regions of the world. This course is designed for students interested in marketing, global and international business, international relations and business, communications and business, and international studies.

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Learning Objectives: The major learning goal of this course is for students to develop a global mindset related to marketing and business with an understanding of the relationship among local, international, and global perspectives.

The learning objectives supporting this goal are:

1) Understand the key characteristics of important country markets in different regions of the world and learn how to develop marketing plans for these diverse country markets

2) Learn to gather, categorize, analyze, interpret, and evaluate relevant information about markets in different countries around the world

3) Learn how to assess the social/cultural, economic/financial, political/regulatory, and technological/infrastructure environments of different countries and how to adjust a company’s marketing practices based on these factors

4) Learn how to analyze customers, competitors, and product markets in different countries and how to apply this analysis to developing international and global marketing strategies

5) Learn to critically analyze and evaluate local versus global perspectives in developing marketing plans and to make decisions about which aspects of marketing to localize and which to globalize in developing marketing plans

6) Learn how to develop product/service/branding policies, pricing practices, and distribution approaches internationally and globally Marshall Undergraduate Course Syllabus for MKT 465: Global Marketing Management – Fall, 2013 – Professor Schorr Page 2

7) Learn how to develop communications/advertisements/promotions for different cultures and countries as well as globally

8) Appreciate how managers and leaders can work in teams across countries and cultures to develop and implement complex global strategies

9) Appreciate the ethical and corporate social responsibility issues associated with global marketing and learn to think in innovative ways about how to market products and services to lower income customers.

10) Develop the ability to think critically about different perspectives on global marketing

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Course Organization:

In support of the learning objectives, this course is divided into five major topic areas. The first topic area focuses on the opportunities and challenges of international and global marketing and how to assess country environmental factors that are most relevant to the management of international marketing, such as cultural, economic, political, and technological factors. The second topic area concentrates on how to select markets to enter and how to develop international and global marketing strategies. The third topic area examines the similarities and differences in product markets, customers, and competitors across countries and how to develop global marketing strategies for various types of products and services.

Global Marketing in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes