Introduction to Computer Graphics In Hindi Urdu Handouts Notes

Computer Graphics in Hindi Urdu

This handout gives assisting cloth of pc photographs to accompany with the video lectures. The content is mainly added within the lectures and this handout will observe the same order as that of used in video lectures.
Computer images: the examiner of using computers to create and manipulate pics is called laptop images. Garage of geometric objects and their images additionally fall in category of pc photos.


The region of laptop pix that deals with the mathematical specification of form and look houses in a way that may be saved at the laptop is referred to as modeling.
The introduction of shaded pix from three-D laptop models is called rendering.
Modeling of interaction of light with matter is known as illumination.
The technique to create an illusion of motion thru sequences of pics is known as ANIMATION.
Pc pix are applied in nearly every wake of lifestyles. Snap shots are used in for
video games, Cartoons, animated films enterprise
cad/cam: these fields use laptop era to design components and merchandise at the laptop and then, the usage of these digital designs, to guide the producing process, e. G. AutoCAD from Autodesk Microsoft Visio and adobe’s photoshop and so on.
 can be taken as accurate video games e.g. Flight simulator, energy plant simulator, firefighter simulator
medical imaging
meaningful images of sufferers scanned facts
guided surgical procedure
• scientific visualization
• education and training
• ordinary makes use of

Visualization in Computer Graphics in Hindi Urdu

Representing records with graphical illustrations is referred to as visualization. Visualization can be labeled as
• generating graphical representations for scientific, engineering, and scientific information units and techniques is generally called medical visualization
• the business visualization is used in reference to information sets associated with trade, industry, and other nonscientific areas.
Picture processing
Photograph processing applies strategies to modify or interpret existing snap shots, enhancing images and movies
Device imaginative and prescient
Machine notion of the visual information (robotics)
Graphical person interfaces
Graphical person interfaces display menus and icons for immediate choice of any processing required.
The consumer does no longer have to memorize commands or competencies of computer software. All alternatives furnished by way of the software program may be explored just with the aid of navigating the usage of mouse clicks.
A home windows manager allows user to display multiple home windows. Every window can manner distinct information (weather graphical or textual content). A window can be made energetic simply by way of clicking mouse on it.
Output devices
Cathode ray tube
Filament (acts as heating element, electrons emit from it within the form of beam). Electrons move in the direction of superb plate (anode) focusing cylinder (because of electric powered area). Vertical and horizontal deflection plates have magnetic discipline in between them and manipulate the placement of the electron beam. The beam moves phosphor coating on front of tube producing illumination. Stronger the beam, brighter is the display screen. Longer the beam stays on a point brighter is the screen.