Object Oriented Programming Language In Hindi And Urdu |Handout Notes

Object Oriented Programming Language  In Hindi And Urdu |Handout Notes

The technique is used to imagine our programming complications. Here we can say that it is a method which we use to imagine our programming problem as an object and their contact as took place in real life.


In real life, we can see different objects that interact with each other to complete the different tasks for example.

Model in object-oriented programming?

A model is actually is a concept somewhat actual or conceptual. We model this because we want to understand any feature of reality.

Object –Orientation and its advantages

Object Oriented Programming Language In Hindi And Urdu |Handout Notes

Object-oriented model is used to plan directly to real life as we already have seen in the example given above that we have three objects that is person pen mobile and bag and that person use these all objects.

The development of an object-oriented model is very easy for a problem. The object-oriented model is very easy to understand. If we want to implement the object-oriented model for any type of problem by using object-oriented language like C++ by using it structures like classes inheritance, polymorphism, inheritance.

What is an Object?

An object is,

Anything which exists physically (Ali, School, House, Car).

  • Identity :

Such property identifies itself.

  • State :

The state contains all information that an object contains.

  • Example

Book, Title, page, author, price.

  • Behavior :

How objects will react in the reaction of external behavior.

  • Surrounding :
  • It’s enjoinment

What is Information Hiding?

Information hiding is a very essential standard of OOP stimulated from real life which it that all types of information would not be accessed by everyone. The owner can only access its private information.

Here information hiding means is to show only that information to the world which is to show them.

Following are some examples of Information Hiding

  1. Waqas is named and all the personal information is stored in the brain and if we want to know anything else about was then we have to talk with was and it’s up to was how he shows information to you.
  2. A Facebook server contains information of billions of people but it only shares that information with us which he allowed. It did not personal information of any person
  3. A hard disk may store numerous images and movies document in it but we cannot access that data directly we need to use a computer to get access to all data and the owner of that hard will allow you to use that hard disk.

Now come to object-oriented programming we use objects with their attributes and behaviors but that all are hidden from other classes

These are given principles for object-oriented programming.

In the perspective of Object-Oriented Programming Information Hiding is,

“Hiding the object details (state and behavior) from the users”

Hereby users we mean “an object” of another class that is calling functions of this class using the reference of this class object or it may be some other program in which we are using this class.

Information Hiding is achieved in OOP using the following principles.

  • 1.      An object contains all type of information which is relating go him
  • 2.      All information related to an object is stored within the object.
  • 3.      Outside world is not allowed to see its details.
  • 4.      Object can only manipulate itself.

Advantages of Information Hiding

It simplifies our Object-Oriented Model:

An object-oriented model contains an object and its relation with others but the information of any object is hidden which is helpful to everyone to make a better understanding of the object-oriented model.

As we saw earlier that our object-oriented model only had objects and their Interactions hiding implementation details so it makes it easier for everyone to

Understand our object-oriented model

Object Oriented Programming Language  In Hindi And Urdu |Handout Notes

Object Oriented Programming Language In Hindi And Urdu |Handout Notes