Performance Management in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes

Course Description

This route examines the importance of an effective performance control system in assisting businesses define and acquire brief and long-term desires. It explains and reinforces the concept that performance control isn’t always a one-time supervisory event, however an ongoing method of planning, facilitating, assessing, and enhancing person and organizational performance. Further, the direction emphasizes the importance of measuring the effectiveness of human resource activities which are designed to decorate individual and organizational performance. The essence of management is learning how to achieve results through other people. Until you learn to make the most of people resources, your career and success will be limited. If you’re an executive or manager, Performance Management can help you improve the effectiveness of your subordinates. And the more effective they are, the more carefree your work will become, and the more successful you’ll be.

Performance Appraisal Meaning In Urdu

Performance Management in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes

Performance Management in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes

For a fruitful harvest, farmers work on a host of activities throughout the year. These people know that good management is a process, not an event. If they fail to put seeds in the right place, water when needed, fertilize, or weed, they will not get a good crop. Regardless of the organization, good management is good management. It follows a planned process and occurs on a regular basis, not once a year. This performance management workshop covers the skills managers need to drive continuous improvement and grow people’s abilities. The program marries theory with practical skills. During this course, participants will discover how they are an integral part of a strong performance management system and what they must do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis as part of their responsibilities in the performance management process.

Learn how to:

  • Set clear goals
  • Motivate employees to do their best
  • Prepare formal performance appraisals
  • Face people problems head on




Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

1. Design an organization’s performance management process that is compliant with law and supports organizational mission and strategy.

2. Compare and contrast various organizational performance management programs and best practices and define attributes of effective performance management systems.

3. Employ job-related performance standards and performance indicators that reflect the employee’s range of responsibilities.

4. Assess how increased employee involvement can contribute to effective performance and coach employees to identify career paths and resources available to support individual development.

5. Identify and communicate appropriate actions with employees (e.g., training and development, wage increase, promotion, bonus etc.) based on their performance strengths and weaknesses.

Performance Appraisal Meaning In Hindi


Course Content:

– Performance Management Framework: The importance of
performance management
– Performance Planning: Organizational mission, strategy and
– Creating a performance management culture through HR
programs and practices
– Steps in Performance Management
– Performance planning process and employee performance
– Rewards and performance
– Designing jobs to enhance performance
– Performance assessment, including 360 degree feedback
– Performance improvement planning – identifying root causes
of performance issues and developing appropriate
– Coaching and performance management
– Team management
– Progressive discipline
– Performance management system review and enhancement

Performance Management in Hindi and Urdu |Handout Notes