Software Project Management in Hindi Urdu Handouts Notes

You have already learned the basic concepts of software engineering in your subject of SE1. I hope that you have good understanding of process models that include traditional models (e.g. waterfall and incremental model) as well as agile models such as Scrum and XP. You got the understanding of major phases of software development life cycle i.e. requirement analysis, design, development, and testing. Different key phases of requirement engineering such as requirement inception, elicitation, and elaboration were discussed. You also discussed different basic concepts related to software design. Modeling activities for different phases using UML diagrams were also taught in your previous course. You also had few lectures to understand the software testing concepts. Course Outline In this course, we will discuss different topics that are broadly categorized into software project management, software design, quality management, and advanced software engineering. In the beginning, we will focus on topics like project management processes, scope, time, cost, and quality management. We will also discuss the key processes of project communication and risk management. Later on, we will learn how to design better user interfaces for different systems including web applications.

We will cover the range of topics related to software quality management such as quality assurance activities, review techniques, testing strategies for different applications such as web applications, and software configuration management in Hindi Urdu . We will also discuss various topics such as software reuse, component-based software engineering, software re engineering, and process improvement under the umbrella of advanced software engineering.